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Caboodl Homecare Subscribers Receive

  • Track your home projects in one place

    Add home maintenance tasks, prioritize and set due dates, add photos.

    If it ever gets overwhelming professional help is just a click away

    Book jobs or get quotes directly through your dashboard

  • Detailed professional recommendations

    HomeCare experts document repairs your home needs during each visit and prioritize them so you always know what needs to be done immediately and what can wait.

    Personalized maintenance schedule

    We create the complete maintenance routine for your home easily viewable through your dashboard with automated reminders so you don’t have to worry about missing anything important.

    Details on each recommendation and reminder

    Understand the risks, work description, pricing, and DIY steps related to any work or maintenance we recommend

  • Home inventory

    Instant access to the make, model, and serial numbers for all your systems and appliances

    Quickly access user manuals and DIY troubleshooting

    Understand your home costs

    Plan your finances more easily by viewing upcoming maintenance costs and estimated large long term expenses (e.g furnace or roof replacement)

Caboodl Homecare Subscribers Receive

  • Stop Worrying that you're forgetting/missing/ignoring important maintenance

    • Professional maintenance visit every 6 months means someone is regularly looking out for potential problems

    • Recommendations after each visit means you'll always know what needs to be done right away and what can wait

    • Customized maintenance schedules with automated reminders means you'll known exactly what your home needs, and when

    • A single contact for any questions or issue that arises in your home means you always known who to call

  • More time for the things that really matter

    • Regular preventive maintenance helps identify small issues before they become big problems and helps you avoid unexpected issues

    • One contact for every issues means you spend less time searching for the right tradesperson for your needs

    • A complete inventory of your appliances & systems means we can more quickly diagnose problems and order parts

  • Home maintenance the way it was meant to be

    • Managing your home through MyHome dashboard means anything you want to know about your home is always available

    • Remote troubleshooting & diagnostics allows us to solve issues faster

    • Monthly billing makes maintenance costs more manageable and saves you 15% or more on certain services

    • No term plans means you aren’t locked into expensive, long-term contracts

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